Get The Best Candidates In The Shortest Time!

I know it might sound crazy… but working with a freelance recruiter is far much better than working with a specialized recruitment agency!

And I will tell you why:
– first of all: there is not too much paperwork to do until you get your first candidates… just sign a contract and send the requests….that’s it! No documents hassle, VAT registrations or any other problems… everything is in freelancer responsibility!
– second: you have the chance to get your candidates screened in a more human way… not by a person who is in a office to do this job, but by a person who is doing it out of passion, with dedication and care for both sides!
– third: is much cheaper and more effective! As a company, you can have a contract with another specialized company to do this job but … this can cost you much more than a freelancer! While a company have a lot of taxes and employers to pay out of your money, the freelancer have less taxes and no one to pay!

I would like to work with any European based company in need of personnel. My possibilities of finding candidates are endless!

Starting with any online way you may think of… and ending with the offline ways of advertising and searching for the proper candidates!

If you have any questions regarding my activity please don’t hesitate to contact me!

You can also download the contract draft below to study and (if you agree with it!) sign and send it back to me and we shall start!