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The one in the above picture is me… a 48 years old guy with a lot of experience in HR, trying to do my best for everyone… companies, candidates.

Can you trust me?

If you represent a company, then you should ask the other companies I am working with… I know I never disappointed them and will never disappoint you either.

If you are a candidate, you should ask the other hundreds of candidates successfully placed. I still get in touch with those who want that, even after a year of employment…


Simple. Because I have to respect my motto… “I will never let you down”… and I never let anyone down until now.

Are you curious how can I help?

Just hit the call button on the right side of this page… I’ll be there for you. Is not a promise, is a fact…

Alternatively you can go on Skype or email… is the same me…


Try now!