We are now Dank Group Careers Ltd.

We are officially Dank Group Careers Ltd.

On 10th of July 2018 the recruiting company Dank Group Careers Ltd. was born. 

As a company, we hope to have a lot of jobs to offer to our candidates, in the best working conditions, and a lot of good candidates for our requesting companies.

We will do our best to negotiate the contracts for our candidates and to give the best candidates to our requesting companies.

Our success is in our candidates hands, as well as in our requesting companies.

Long live Dank Group Careers Ltd!!!

Another Care Company on the list!

A New Domiciliary Care Company on my list!

Based in Milton Keynes, the company number 11 is offering jobs as Domiciliary Carer and Live in Carer in Bedfordshire and surrounding areas. Employment conditions are pretty good and opportunities of employment are real. Just have a look on the job offers page or contact me for more info.

I am open to collaboration!

Do You Want To Make Some Money?

As I do have a lot of open positions in a lot of locations which I can not cover with candidates, here is what I intend to do:

  • I am open to collaborate with any recruiter which have some undelivered candidates in his/her database
  • Share my fee, which I am taking ONLY from the companies

So, if you are a recruiter or you just want to make some extra cash, please contact me to explain in details how we can work together. 

New company to be added!

New Company with International jobs!

I am on the edge of adding a New Company to my jobs providers!

The good news is that this Company have International jobs offers, so I will be able to offer you jobs Worldwide!

I will have more details on 12th of February, when everything will be settled and I will be able to start offering you their offers!

That will be company number 9!

Stay tuned!

No more unprofessional companies!

For about 4 months I’ve been struggling with a company which was providing warehouse and drivers positions in the UK, trying to please everyone (the company and the candidates). It is absolutely impossible! You can not work with a company which don’t call the candidates in time, asking for too many interviews for an unqualified job, then asking to spend time and money to go to their office regardless of the candidate location and financial situation. I found them with two opposite decisions for the same candidate, with wrong destination for the candidate, and so on… 

I am a honest type of person, I don’t like lies and don’t sell dreams! So I can not be accompanied by the persons or companies who do those type of things!

That’s why I decided to cut the collaboration with this company with the risk of remaining uncovered for a period of time on the warehouse and drivers sector. I do prefer not to send people at all instead of sending them to uncertainty!

I hope you will understand my decision!