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How to fill the vacancies for carers in the UK

As we all know, the Care sector in the UK (as any other sector, actually) has been hardly hit since Brexit every year. 
Despite the low visa fee for this sector, we can still see an increasing demand of carers (over 150.000 every year) in the UK.
The strange thing is that there are over 300,000 carers around the world trying to get a job in the UK… but they can’t find a employer!

What could be the reason for that? Is the visa process too complicated? Is the recruiting process taking too long? 
If this is the reason, we have the solution!
DG Recruitment together with our partners is receiving daily over 50 applications from all over the world for a carer job in the UK, so we have a huge database of candidates ready for you. 
You don’t have to worry about the recruiting process, as we will handle everything nice and smooth, all we need from you is just to be active…
You don’t have to worry about the visa process also… through our partners we can handle this issue for you!

All you have to do is to fill the form for a request to DG Recruitment here, or if you would like to contact our partners, you can access them here!

For us, is not a matter of time needed or candidates number you are looking to hire… all we need from you is to be active!

Let’s work on this together!!!

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