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I am now working with various companies/agencies, trying to cover most of the UK area and (soon) some international area!

This means that I do have a lot of open positions open which I can not cover…

And here it comes my offer to all of you!

I need your help to fill up all the positions I have, so I am willing to share up to 80% of my fees (usually is about 80 pounds, depends on my agreement with the company) for each candidate you bring into the system, is successfully placed and stays in that working position for at least 4 weeks, with those who would like to collaborate with me!

For now I can collaborate with EU citizens only, as the companies requirement for the candidates is for EU citizens only… Later on, will see!

I need specially recruiters which already have in their database people which they can not place. But any EU citizen over 21 with a good English level (to get that 80%) will do, as long as he/she is willing to collaborate with me!

If you have any questions, if you want to start but you don’t know how, or for whatever reason in this matter please don’t hesitate to use any means of contacting me you can find on this website!

I am open to proposals and ideas!