Looking for a job

looking for a job

Looking for a Job is a nightmare for you?

Let's start this journey for you together! Make sure you have near by your resume and click the below button to Register as a candidate!

What do I need to find a job offer for you?

Unlike the other Recruitment Consultants you’ve probably met until now, I need to have a full view of your capacity, skills, studies, plans for the future, family, and financial possibilities you have to fill up your plans for the future…

More precisely, I need:

  • Your full details resume
  • Your video introduction in English, you can make this at a bit later stage, after I will understand your plans for the future
  • Your current job desire
  • Your plans for the next 5 years or more
  • Your financial possibilities to support your plan (you might need some money for studies, visa application, international transport, etc… nothing for me don’t worry)

While your resume I will see it in your account after you upload it, the rest of the details will be settled in a video meeting which we will have to establish our strategy to find you the job you desire.

Remember, to find a job easier means teamwork! We have to work together on your plan until fulfilment!

Everything begins with the first step! 

Click the below buttons to register and to book an appointment with me in my calendar!

See you at the meeting!

My Results as a Recruitment Consultant in helping candidates

While I don’t like to speak about myself too much, I can say that in the last seven years:

  • I’ve helped about 700 candidates to find their dream job
  • About 80% of them are still with the same employer, which means I found the right match for them
  • I am still keeping in touch, as a friend, with anyone who wants to keep in touch with me
  • Over 70% of my candidates, who followed my advice, had a successful interview with the employer from the first shot
  • As my logo says… “I will never let you down!”

Some of my reviews

As a Recruitment Consultant, I am working with multiple Recruitment Companies, below are the reviews I got while interviewing candidates for one of them.

Seasonal Greetings from DG Recruitment!!!

To all of you, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Prosperous and Healthy New Year! Just don't forget to contact us for any enquiry!!!

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