Green Energy – Between expansion and workforce education

green energy


Green Energy – Between expansion and workforce education

green energy

Despite all the debates on how “green” is the Green Energy produced, we are all witnessing a huge increase in solar panel fields all over the world.

Billions are pumped into this sector annually, with the declared scope of reducing carbon emissions worldwide.


Still, there is a missing piece in this puzzle… workforce education


To form and qualify the personnel needed for this new job offer takes years, if someone wants to do it right… still, the number of schools and universities worldwide embracing this new qualifications needed is so small, that they will never be able to supply the demand… Why is so small? Honestly, it doesn’t matter too much… it will increase and blow as soon as the request for qualified personnel will boom the market.


The current solution? Professional re-conversion with some fast courses/training done inside the employing company is one of the most used solutions.


However, the task of finding the “best match” for jobs like “Net Zero Adviser”, or “Energy and Retrofit adviser” could be equal to “mission impossible” for most of the HR departments or recruiters. And it is not their fault… new industry requires new qualifications, newly qualified people are only a few so finding them can be harder than usual.


As always, the experience in the recruiting field together with the curiosity to know more about anything that comes up, staying up to date always with the international economy growth and trends is making the difference. And I’m not saying that only DG Recruitment is doing this, but I have to make confidence… every morning, seven days a week, at DG Recruitment we collect, read, judge and act according to the international economic, political and health news… that’s how we know, and that’s why we are always ready… we even predict (from our judgement, not using magic) the evolution of certain economic sectors or the legislation regarding immigration for some countries…

But.. knowing is one thing, acting is another… foreseeing also this need, we’ve built up a database of workforce in the energy sector… just to be ready…




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