What are the Recruitment Trends in 2023?

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What are the Recruitment Trends in 2023?

After seeing the back of 2022 and looking into the eyes of 2023, as any other Recruitment Company, we have to know what to expect from this year, how to approach our candidates and clients and where we are heading to.

Until now, we’ve seen:

–  the pandemic period changing the way our candidates are looking for a job offer

–  Generation X preparing to leave the stage, and they will be available for a period of top 10 years, still, the conflict between Generation X and Generation Z  is pretty well seen

– online jobs are gaining more territory, in the specific niches

– a new generation (Z) is entering the market with new ideas and requests

– artificial intelligence is gaining also here more territory

How do we face these challenges?

Are we ready for them?

Should we use the same recruiting techniques and approaches?

Those are a few questions we will try to understand here.

First, let’s see what we’ve learned from the past year:

– there is no more such a thing as “this is the job offer”… the candidates learned that the job offer can adjust (or have to adjust) to each candidate who is fitting the requirements. This has to make the employers think twice before deciding on employment, and give the recruiters more details for a job offer… This can look complicated from the employer’s point of view, but (actually) it makes everything more smooth and easy. The more details we have, the better we can screen.

– an increasing request for “work from home” from the candidates’ side. This is actually what the pandemic left us… In sectors like IT, HR, BD, or any other sectors where there is no need for physical presence, there are more candidates willing to take the job if they can do it from home… So, here is all about the employing company’s way of seeing the candidate’s work and improvement. That leads us to one conclusion: a change in diversity and inclusion is needed! And we will see it coming, as the market is asking for it, not us.

– the “eternal” conflict between generations reached a new level, as generation X (who are now supposed to give their experience to the new coming generation) is approaching a peak of knowledge and also to their ending as workforce, and generation Z which is new coming into the market. The difference between those 2 generations is actually given by the intense use of gadgets from the new generation side, and (for some of them) the addiction to it against the teaching techniques of generation X (more like a “hands-on” technique than gadget users…). As you can see I’ve skipped one generation, the Millennial, as they are actually the current most found candidates, with skills and abilities in both sides… “hands-on” and gadgets using… To ease this conflict, recruiters should be able to find the bridge between generations in every sector. An inside view of the employing company policy regarding benefits, and bonuses scheme would be an excellent point to start, as these can unite the 2 generations. Also, diversity and inclusion are needed here…

So, our challenges for 2023 would be:

– updating the job offers to face the new approach of candidates

– working on job requirements and benefits with our clients, in such a manner that everyone will reach their goals

– updating our recruitment tools and system with the new one, AI-powered, which it proves to be more efficient for us

– working on diversity and inclusion with our clients, in an ethical way for both parties, to offer a large diversity of benefits for candidates and a higher work quality expectancy for clients.

– approaching generation Z, as junior entries into the workforce marketplace, in such a manner that the new generation will actually embrace the workforce gladly… this is the hardest part actually

Are we ready for this?

At DG Recruitment, we always put our clients’ needs and candidates in balance. When the balance is even, we found the matching candidate or company. This way we make sure the employment will be a pleasure on both sides for a long time.

As we are striving to find the best candidates, we are also developing a strategic partnership with our clients, combining their future plans with the market’s current reality.

This means we are already working on these challenges and getting our clients involved too.

More than that, through our partnerships, we are using multiple approaching and recruiting techniques, specifically designed for every activity sector and position. Still, we are improving our daily activity, learning new strategies and acquiring new skills including using artificial intelligence in our recruiting system.

So, DG Recruitment is ready for 2023!

Are you ready for us?

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